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The Glass Dress And A Ringing Bell

Sukie Smith

WhatsApp: +44 7973 843 193 

This is a resurrection album; it is a record of survival from a near fatal, prolonged hospitalisation, a dangerous and toxic lockdown and financial armageddon. 


The Glass Dress and a Ringing Bell was written during this terrifying chaos.  A documentation of events and a blue print for escape.

"When everything is broken, look around and see what still has resonance and who is still with you... "


In a new approach, Sukie arrived at the studio with fully formed songs but no rehearsed arrangements. 


Improvisational sonic decisions were taken to fully explore the destruction or revolution within the songs narrative.  For example, the synth sound-generator on Honey was allowed to reign chaos over the plotted chords with a completely free hand... 


Consequently, the field recordings and memories of specific sounds, during the hospitalisation for example, make up part of the soundscape, as heard on Move Towards the Storm..  Unlike Madam recordings, Smith's ragged guide guitar is retained as the backbone of these songs.  Beit in a spectral or mighty arrangment it reinforces that these dramatic events are played out on a single human..  


For this reason, It felt important for this album to be acknowledged as a debut solo album.


This album was predominately recorded  and co produced with Nick Trepka, with contributions from Garth Moss  (Ride the Light) and electronic composer Silent Strike (Fixed Star).


"As an album comes into focus it's often possible to find a word or sentence that appears more times than others.  At the centre of The Glass Dress and a Ringing Bell is the pulsing heart of Into the Light"

While Madam is on a hiatus Sukie has been writing and recording with Tricky, appearing as a featured artist on the reincarnated version of Hell is Round the Corner (on the anniversary release of MaxinQuaye), with more recording slated for next year. 


2024 also has exciting evolving projects with Lol Hammond, Wazanics, Anderson and others..

What they are saying about TGDAARB  


Howie B: “This is gorgeous great work!!!“ 


Orion Williams (Film producer of Control and Shadow of a Vampire): “I’m very much loving your music! wow... beautiful” 


Irvine Welsh “Loving it...  enjoying the whole album.” 

The Glass Dress And A Ringing Bell
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