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Sukie Smith - Thames Nightshoot

Selected Music Videos

 Wild Dogs Run

 Wild Dogs Run (3D)

 Italian Tour Diary (By John Robertson)

 The Snake (Live)  Kings Place, Album Launch

 Soundcheck (Kings Place)  Album Launch with BLIP Creative

 Call America (Live)  Ship of Fools

 Call America (Live) Acoustic duo, Exmouth Market

 Still (Live)  Union Chapel

 Superfast Highway (Live)  12 Bar Club

 Gone Before Morning Interview  (Real World Studios)

 Hush Your Mouth  (Feature Film Official Trailor)

 Fall On Your Knees  (Live)  Duo.  The Colony Room

 Psalm. With John Lee Bird, For Paul Smith Heathrow

 Not Here Yet (Live)  The Lexington

 Not Here Yet (Live)  The Horatia

 One Small Step  (Live) Improvisation 1/3.  For John Lee Bird

 One Small Step  (Live) Improvisation 2/3.  For John Lee Bird

 One Small Step  (Live) Improvisation 3/3.  For John Lee Bird


Official Music Videos

Into the Light


Fixed Star

Murder Park

The Connection

When I Met You

 Rules of Love

 Three Sixes

 I Am Your Home

 Not Here Yet

 Back to the Sea

 Weekend Love

 Someone in Love

 Calling for Love

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