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Placebo - Saskia Olde Wolber

Voice Over - Sukie Smith  

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2021 Notes from a Gallery 

Gallery 46 

Spoken word response to song, reading and soundscape for Band of Holy Joy four-day online album launch.


2020 Dreams Take Flight 

Gallery 46 

Monologue written by Johny Brown with soundscape by Mugwump


2019 Field Notes on Liminality 

Gallery 46 

Monologue written by Johny Brown.


2018 One Small Step at a Time in association with The Laboratory Arts Collective 

Pacific Design Centre Los Angeles 

Sonic/song and spoken word improvisation in response to work by John Lee Bird.  Underscore played during the private view, written and produced by Sukie Smith, recorded by Sarah Gill. 


2018 Cacophony

Pacific Design Centre Los Angeles in Association with The Laboratory Arts Collective 

Noise and performance with Jamie Stewart of Xui Xui, featuring members of Devo and Guns and Roses .


2018 One Small Step at a Time Short Film in association with The Laboratory Arts Collective 

Composer and provocateur.


2017 Temporal Impressions

Gallery 46

Monologue written by Johny Brown with Soundscape response by Rothko.


2017 Breturn

Kabinet Muz 

Two-day U.K. takeover of multi-disciplinary artists, curated by David Cotterrell.  Including artists Rose Butler, Sean Dower and Lewis Sherlock.  Performance, spoken word, soundscape and songs with visuals by Devon Dickson and Sukie Smith.


2017 One Small Step at a Time 

The Trafalgar Tavern Ballroom 

Three Day event with performances of the album Back to the Sea.  Day one as a full band show,  day two an acoustic performance with Sarah Gill and day three a 365 min improvisation with Adam Franklin and Sarah Gill.


2014 The Phillipa Project 

The Bernie Grant Arts Centre

Directed by Pia Futado.  Theatre/movement/song/multimedia performance.


2009 Troubled Sleep with Band of Holy Joy

Shunt Vaults week long residency 

Star and Shadow Cinema performance space.  Narration and song 



Saskia Olde Wolbers 

MOMA, Tate Gallery, ICA, International film festivals 



2001 Animals are Hams (film)

Fordham Gallery

Kevin Heavey 



Consumerist Theare of Desire 

Dave Golding

Voice over dreamscape.


1997 Nosey Parker (Interactive online game)

Julie Myers 



1990 Poll Tax Demonstration

Workers Theatre Movement

Tam Dean Burn 

Agit Prop Theatre.  Tatcher, Scargill, Kinnock,



Workers Theare Movement

Improvised Theatre.  Various.


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