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Hush Your Mouth - Tom Tyrwhitt 

Composer - Sukie Smith 













Director:               Devon Dickson 

Score:          .        Sukie  Smith

Camel Commercial:

Musical Director:   Marc Tschantz

Top Line:             Sukie Smith   

Hush Your Mouth:

Director:               Tom Tyrwhitt (Neophyte Films)

Score:                   Sukie Smith

Zlin Internation Film Festival for Children and Youth   ..

Bahamas Internation Film Festival                              . 


Some of the tracks developed into full songs and became part of my first album.


The Director,  Producer and I took Hush Your Mouth to LA.  I agreed a record deal, the night after our premiere, on the phone standing in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel on Sunset, that was a moment.

The Truth About Angels:

Director:               Lichelli Lazar-Lea

End Credit Song   Sukie Smith 


(2008 Best Film)


(2008 New Visions Award)


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