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SOUNDVISION :  A monthly hour-long exploration of the place that songs, soundtracks, ambient noise and sonic memory occupy in that magical creative process of thse individuals creating.  Interviewed by Sukie Smith.  Conversation with cross-disciplinary iconoclasts include visual artist Bruce Mclean, Screenwriter Brock Norman Brock, Musician and Artist Geraldine Swayne.  Sukie is a classically trained actress who has worked in Independent cinema with Mike Leigh, Nic Roeg and many others and collaborated with new writers at the Royal Court, Hampstead Theatre and Soho Theatre. She has released many critically acclaimed albums with her band Madam and has recently returned from LA from where she collaborated with visual artist John Lee Bird at the Pacific Design Centre responding to Birds’ work with members of Devo, Guns and Roses and Xui Xui. 

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Pam Oei                           19th December 2020

Pam Oei                           19th December 2020

What does it sound like growing up in Singapore in the early 80s? 

How does it feel to time travel hearing yourself sing as a child on disintegrating cassette tapes?

I first met Pam Oei, in 1996 when we worked together on a BBC film Peggy Su, set in the 60s in the huge Chinese community established in Liverpool.  We spent months rehearsing in London and then filming interiors in Acton and in a beautiful laundrette on Penny Lane in Liverpool and we remain friends to this day. 

I have watched how Pam has worked tirelessly to use her fame and notoriety to question and engage with the conservative Singaporean government and effected real change.

We speak about Pink Dot, a pro LGBTQIA rights, annual protest/gathering, initially in Singapore but now global event which Pam helped establish. It is still illegal to have same sex relationships in Singapore, a hangover from colonial rule. 

Pam is part of an incredibly successful cabaret trio The Dim Sum Dollies , we play music from them and also her politically charged band Ugly in the Morning.

It pains me to say we also play Barry White... 

A true force of nature doing incredible work.


191220 Sound Vision Pam Oei
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Ulriche Blanchè                  4th July 2020

Ulrich Blanchè                    4th July 2020

Dr. Ulrich Blanchè writes academic papers and books on the significance of global street art and is an expert on the work of Banksy.

I became aware of Ulis work through a friend of his with whom I have written this fabulous paper (The Physical Becoming Sigil Scritture nascoste published in ALTERITAS, 2020) which explores a specific piece of graffiti , completed over several months near my place in Camden. 

The graffiti exhibited a peculiar and powerful ability to demand certain stencilled images be included in its display which in turn became hugely significant to the street artist.. as if the unfolding picture had knowledge of future events...

It was wildly odd and comforting.

A communicating if ever there was one.

I speak with Uli about his learnings and why he writes about this form of expression so intensely.  We trace his academic beginnings from rural villages in the German countryside to the bright lights of Berlin, and we play tracks from his sonic diary.  My favourite story he recalls is some wild shamanic dance he was inadvertently part of - dancing to a track about an eclipse of moths...

What is not to love about that?

We nearly play Queen, but somehow there wasn't time..... 


040720 Sound Vision Ulrich Blanche
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Steve Gullick.jpg

Steve Gullick                      13th February 2020

Steve Gullick                     13th February 2020

I have been aware of Steve Gullicks' outpourings since I arrived in London.

From his startling photographs of Nirvana and the whole Grunge era I have been an admirer of his astonishing, intimate yet swaggering, images of musicians, artists and landscape. 

When I started to play live music, I was taken under the wing of the amazing independent label Stolen Recordings who worked out of an artist colony based in Tottenham. 

Over five glorious years they curated legendary live events including at the, now departed, Spitz, booking artists and bands who connected with their off kilter, emotionally driven, independent music and art makers. The Kittens, Candy, Serafina Steer, Pete and the Pirates, Bo Ningen and for a time Steves' band Bender.  I worked with Stolen as their Door Bitch as well as being one of their first artists (with my band Madam) and saw Bender play a good many times, so raw, feral and glamorous I loved them.

In this show we talk about the essence of the sonic , of locating yourself through audio , the collision between sound and vision and drone , a lot about drone.... We also play tracks from Nirvana, Cat Power, Earth and Steve and James Johnstones' new project We Travel Time. 

I loved this show. @stevegullick 

130221 Sound Vision Steve Gullick
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Rose Butler                       9th April 2020

Rose Butler                        9th April 2020

Rose Butler copy awol

090420 Sound Vision Rose Butler
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Magda Sayag                      11th June 2020

Magda Sayag                      11th June 2020

In conversation with Magda Sayeg, street artist, interior designer and entrepreneur.

110620 Sound Vision Magda Sayag
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Brad Feldman                    16th January 2021

Brad Feldman                    16th January 2021

Razor sharp, swift talker, fantastic raconteur, music fan; introducing Brad Feldman, what could go wrong? Nothing!!! 

High octane and hilarious, this is a speedy show and all the better for it. 

Brad is an American TV producer and football commentator working out of Boston.  He describes the sounds of the streets growing up in the city,the early street protests he took part in with his artist mother and the consequences of the sonics of his fathers HUGE muscle car which made me laugh so much I couldn't talk. 

Big Mistake!!  I eventually wrestle the show back to some kind of order and we play music by Swervedriver, The Beatles and Buffalo Tom. What a joyfest.

160121 Sound Vision Brad Feldman
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Ty Jeffries.jpg

Ty Jeffries                          21st November 2020

Ty Jeffries                          21st November 2020

Ty Jeffries aka Miss Hope Springs, joins me to speak about growing up in and around his fathers movies sets, how he and his sisters encouraged his father to adapt “The Railway Children", one of the most outrageously emotional films!
We talk abiut vacuum cleaners inspiring song, modelling in New York in the 80s, writing pop music in the 90s, wild clubbing and the emergence of the creature that is Miss Hope Springs.

211120 Sound Vision Ty Jeffries
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Peter Leigh_edited.jpg

Peter Leigh                        10th April 2020

Peter Leigh                        10th April 2021


This month's SOUNDVISION show features Peter Leigh who has innovated and shaken up the areas of the music industry that he has worked in since the 1980s.

Musician, DJ, promoter, festival mastermind, marketing expert, working for both Rough Trade, One Little Indian and Polydor, he has been accross the different approach taken from fiercely independent labels to the excess of the majors.

A widescreen approach to music and the source of its creation has led him to spend time working in the Caribbean, New York and Iceland including setting up a travel company, which contributed to the explosion of UK bands exploring Reykjavik!

We speak about what effect music has on thinking and brain activity, the exploration of which has motivated him to establish Key Changes, an award-winning charity providing recovery programs for musicians experiencing mental health programs.

I am a trustee of the charity and am agog at the positive effect it has for hundreds of humans locked into a cycle of hospitalisation and drug therapy.

Key Changes have established a label and are actively promoting and releasing music created in the various programmes.


100421 Sound Vision Peter Leigh
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Gereldine Swayne.jpg

Geraldine Swayne               4th March 2020

Geraldine Swayne                  4th March 2020      

copy needed .

040320 Sound Vision Geraldine Swayne
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Brock Norman Brock.jpg

Brock Norman Brock          12th March 2020

Brock Norman Brock             12th March 2020      

copy Needed

120320 Sound Vision Brock Norman Brock
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International Womens Day 2020.jpg

International Womens Day   8th March 2021

International Womens Day     8th March 2021      

This show explores voice and soundscape differently from other episodes.

I commission spoken word pieces from former guests Marcia Farquhar and Georgina Starr and ask award winning storyteller and actress Hannah Smith to read three poems from women poets.

Sound artist and composer Alyssa Moxley shares two compositions originating as field records, one from the edge of a live volcano and the other in an olive oil distillery. 

I have also included an eleven-minute music and spoken word piece I made in response to the epic night filming for When I met You which is the third track on Back to the Sea ( Shilling Boy Records).

080321 Sound Vision International Womens Day
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Marcia Farquhar_edited.png

Marcia Farquhar                 29th August  2020

Marcia Farquhar                     29th August 2020      

Marcia , Marcia Marcia , once is never enough . As Marcia Farquhar said just before we recorded her episode ... "Darling, can you pronounce it Faaark aaaaah , you know? "

With her extraordinarily beautiful voice and outrageous stories, Marcias work is performance based , but includes sculpture , painting , photography and object making. 

Scripted or unscripted her stories unravel and journey fearlessly through memories and recollections of her long and glamourous life. 
As a listener we are transported to familiar experiences that maybe as women we have all endured, but which somehow, through Marcias narrative ,become precious ,with jewel like detail lifting them out of any mundanity and into glorious and fantastical moments of existence.

We speak about her childhood , how fortitude was common place , how humans , some long since shuffled off , made their impression on her and how deeply their incidental existences affected her thinking . All the cringing , ironic incidents that befall a pre-pubescent girl , all the shocking and awkward behaviour that humans exhibit , made bearable by Marcias intelligent humour. No detail too small to illustrate the significance of a moment , it's just breath taking ...

Talking of taking a breath , in 2015 artist and videographer Reynir Hutber filmed Marcia speaking for eight hours , absolutely no interruptions , prompted with a few gentle questions by Reynir ,this kind of work is described as an act of endurance but for me it was an utter joyfest . 

All the greats are covered here, childhood , birth , death , we laughed and we cried.. 
listen up mother faaaaark aaaaaahs x

290820 Sound Vision Marcia Farquhar
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Derek Ridgers.jpg

Derek Ridgers                    1st August 2020

Derek Ridgers            1st August 2020      

Derek Ridgers, LEGENGRY photographer of humans exploring hardcore, individual and extreme self-expression with their bodies and apparel.

Street life, music tribes, after dark club life, no holes bared (what?  yes!) images of the erotic and the exotic.

Currently enjoying a resurgence of recognition as he bosses Instagram with his stunning images, we speak about his experiences of watching live music in the 60s and early 70s, seeing Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and how gentle and inclusive the atmosphere was at live shows. 

Punk changed all of that.

This new, aggressive, fight ridden environment changed how he wanted to interact with live music and consequently, as a protection against the violence, he started taking pictures in front of the stage to disengage with the argy bargy from the rioting snarl fest.  Lucky us.

I met Derek through a mutual friend about three years ago, but as soon as we started talking, we both thought we had connected at some point much earlier. 

One day looking through some of his pictures taken of the Mod scene in Southend on Sea, I realised that we must have met when I was just brave enough to start going out into the Essex to hear music, I think I was just on the periphery of one of the mod precincts pictures from '82!  Probably in an adaptation of my school uniform....  bad!

We play amongst others, Alice Coltrane, Joan Baez, Crosby Stills and Nash and mention the sound of a shutter a few times...  gorgeous.

010820 Sound Vision Derek Ridgers
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John Irvin.jpg

John Irvin        24th October 2020

Jon Irvin            24th October 2020      

I am lucky to have spent many an evening hearing John talk about movies and music and humans, he is just the most engaging person to be in the company of.
So here then, a nostalgic and moving race through the sonic memory of award-winning director of TV and film .

Political, hilarious, considered, passionate and the best start to any show so far...... From his Durham college days to London to America, Jamaica, the sound of the sea, cathedral bells, freight trains... Fred Astaire, Hamburger Hill, Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, boarding schools, Mandela .. 

It was an absolute honour to speak to John for this hour.

My heart skips a beat when I hear his name.

241020 Sound Vision John Irvin
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Georgina Star.jpg

Georgina Star                    7th May 2020

Georgina Star                        7th May 2020      

Copy needed

070520 Sound Vision Georgina Star
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Flora and Bruce McLean.jpg

Flora and Bruce McLean      13th February 2020

Flora and Bruce McLean         13th February 2020      

Copy needed

130220 Sound Vision Flora and Bruce McLean
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David Curtis-Ring.jpg

David Curtis-Ring               5th June 2021

David Curtis-Ring                  5th June 2021

My June guest is the wildly talented artist, set designer and art director David Curtis-Ring. We speak about symbolism, sygils, sound effects and concepts that don't start with S.

We play film soundtrack from The Dark Crystal, Woodkid, covert ( since approved ) underground recording, a gorgeously dramatic cello piece commissioned for Davids' graduation film and speak about how his ideas form, how synaesthesia is probably present in all thinking and about his astonishing collaborations with menswear designer Craig Green.

David and I met on a short film directed by Kyoko Miyake set on a pig farm/women's refuge, where nothing is what it seems. Trivia fact fans, this was the second time I have expertly chopped wood with a massive axe in character.

This hour went by so quickly, we didn't have time to talk about ALL the intriguing fashion, dance and music collaborations David is involved with, so, explore his site to see the wonderland that plays out in his creations. 

050621 Sound Vision David Curtis-Ring
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Mercedes Grower.jpg

Mercedes Grower               8th May 2021

Mercedes Grower                  8th May 2021      

Mercedes shares stories from her adventuring and creative time in the UK , Ireland and New York..  We had so much to say about these journeys and stays, that some locations get spoken about more than others and I think there will be a part two for this sonic exploration at some point. 

Beginning life as a classically trained dancer, expanding that practice to incorporate a less formal expression in movement and pilgrimaging into the wilderness of the west coast of Ireland, the sonic choices in this show embody these diverse and immersive landscapes, both urban and for this show, very much nature based.

Working as an actress, musician, singer, dancer, writer and director, I ask Mercedes, what imagination-gymnastics it requires to contain and release a huge idea.

We play Kate Bush and her band Sybil, we laugh a lot, we talk about creative dyslexia, foxes as boyfriends and how essential music is to thinking anything at all.
I used the word profound a lot, in this particular show, it is especially fitting.

080521 Sound Vision Mercedes Grower
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Gary Yershon.jpg

Gary Yershon                     3rd July 2021

Gary Yershon                        3rd July 2021      

Oscar nominated composer Gary Yershon speaks about East London street sound, spatial sound, how he visualises sound, which turns out to be the most astonishing description I have heard from all of these SOUNDVISION podcasts.

This episode is the true essence of this program, exploring the collaboration in an imagination of sound and vision to make it possible to write astonishing music for films including Mister Turner, Topsy Turvy and theatre productions for amongst many others, the RSC and the National Theatre.  So much sonic beauty.

We speak about how codes are employed translating sound into music; notation as feeling.

How an early immersion into to music lead to this astonishing career; we play excerpts of musicals, soundscape that feature in Garys life and examples of his varied and outstanding music.

What a brain ... what an utterly fascinating hour.  I mean who learns to speak Russian just to read a Pushkin poem that's quoted in Three Sisters! 

I met Gary so long ago at a casting for a Phyllida Lloyd play at Bristol Old Vic, I remember him willing me (unsuccessfully) to be what was needed for the play as I played a melancholy verion of "To a Wild Rose" on my flute ... and then again for Mike Leighs Topsy Turvy where I sang Tit Willow at the top of my voice and got the job playing Sullivans maid Clotilde .. yes.. yes I did.

This is such a magical hour.

030721 Sound Vision Gary Yershon
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Willow and Maw ( Lucy Jones ).jpg

Willow & Maw (Lucy Jones) 31st July 2021

Willow & Maw ( Lucy Jones )  31st July 2021      

Lucy Jones and I have been friends since we met working at a bespoke shirt makers on Jermyn street a million years ago. There was much going out after shopwork in Mayfair and Soho, thinking and drinking, as we both negotiated what else we could be doing with our lives.

Her life has twisted and turned.  Designing for major fashion outlets, travelling the globe in pursuit of fastenings and the perfect button and establishing her own sustainable fashion label many years before that was a concern of the industry.  After a huge lifechanging health emergency Lucy prioritised her fascination with flowers and created a cutting garden in London and designs and produces bouquets and floral displays for shoots, events and of course weddings . We speak about nature in an urban environment, bird song, sirens, songs from her childhood and the place sound and silence play in her practise . The sound of rain in the orangery roof, the displaced sound of an airport and the power of an articulate political lyric.  This show was recorded in the bar at Soho Theatre, as the staff were setting up for the day, so the shows' sonic environment is illustrative of some of the narrative explored in this episode, yes yes.

310721 Sound Vision Willow and Maw ( Lucy Jones )
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Rosie Wilby.jpg

Rosie Wilby                       28th August 2021

Rosie Wilby                          28th August 2021

Some Summer listening.  Speaking with author and comedian Rosie Wilby about her book The Breakup Monologues. While we discuss her process we muse about the contrast between a performance and the sounds of the city as you journey home, sounds of childhood ( in this case endless Wagnerian opera) and hear the tap tap, tap of Dolly the dogs' feet, as she walks about Rosies home.  Rosie and I met a while ago when Madam cellist Sarah Gill and I played at her night Femmes by the Thames at the legendry Royal Vauxhall Tavern.  That was a very magical night with the tiny backstage area full of sequins and tutus. 

We play music by Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac and talk about words and sounds conjuring vivid imagery perfectly illustrating the concept of SOUNDVISION.  Yes 

280821 Sound Vision Rosie Wilby
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Heidi Kilpelainen.jpg

Heidi Kilpelainen                25th September 2021

Heidi Kilpelainen                    25th September 2021      

Sonic and visual artist Heidi Kilpelainen and I met years ago in London in and around clubs like Nag Nag Nag and Shoreditch bars before it was safe to go out there at night!  We speak about her extraordinary exploration of image, identity and the power of an unembellished song. 

She is currently engaged in a utopian insect police project, dressed in her father’s old uniform.  Fierce.

250921 Sound Vision Heidi Kilpelainen
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Rachel Megawhat.jpg

Rachel Megawhat               23rd October 2021

Rachel Megawhat                   23rd October 2021       

An art experimentalist, painter, photographer and critical thinker.  Rachel Megawhat is perhapsbest known for her fine art photography, her extraordinary images explore the ancient magic resonating through modern politics.  Sacred knowledge revealed in patterns and symbolism; the complex interplay between the historic and the present. 

Speaking from her studio in Lambeth, sheltered from a tempest outside by a massive Linden tree, more of that later...

231021 Sound Vision Rachel Megawhat
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